Arthi Super Market is a retail outlet that provides a wide range of household and personal care products. The company aimed to establish a strong brand identity and set itself apart from competitors in the industry. 

To achieve this, a comprehensive branding strategy was developed by us, which includes the following elements:

We worked with Arthi Super Market to develop a simple yet memorable logo. The final logo featured the company name written in a clean, modern font and with an appropriate colour scheme and typography. This logo was used across all branding materials and marketing campaigns.

To establish a consistent brand identity, we used the same colour scheme, typography, and imagery across all marketing materials.

The packaging designs featured the logo prominently, along with clear and concise product information. The packs were created to be eye-catching and appealing, making it easy for customers to identify the products they wanted.

A mix of traditional and digital media was used to reach a broad audience. The store's opening campaign included print ads in local newspapers, billboards, and bus shelter ads. Additionally, leaflet posters and brochures were distributed to residents, and a door-to-door campaign was conducted to introduce the store to the community.

The store's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts were used to connect with customers, share information about new products and promotions, and build a sense of community around the brand. Regular posts about the store's products and services were shared, and online promotions were done to attract views from customers.

A grand opening event for the store was advertised through local and social media outlets. The event was a huge success and attracted many customers to the store.

Leaflets and posters were distributed throughout the local community to advertise the store's products and services.

The team wrapped the store's delivery vehicles with branding and advertisements for the store. It helped to increase the visibility of the store in the local community.

Advertisements for the store were placed in local and regional magazines to reach a wider audience.

Brochures and flyers were distributed to households in local neighbourhoods to promote the store and its products.


The branding strategy for Arthi Super Market was a success, and the store quickly established itself as a trusted and respected retail chain in the community. Combining traditional and digital marketing methods helped reach a broad audience and build a strong brand identity. Consistent branding elements across all marketing materials helped create a recognizable and memorable brand for customers. As a result, they swiftly opened the second outlet, which is likewise prospering and reaping success.

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